16th September 2020

Today I had my second enocunter with the troll who has been bugging me. Originally they contacted me claiming to have autism. I then saw his posts which spoke a lot about killing autistic orphans. He claimed I was dumb because I had autism and that, and I quote, “an ape shit in your brain”. I’ll give it to them, it was definitely an original insult. It did make me laugh more than it insulted me though.

The images above show the original account that messaged me. I was informed today that the account had been shut down luckily. And of course on the same day I received a message from another acount, claiming they wanted to be friends. One of thier posts had a caption about killing autistic kids, so i confronted them. They said their friend had posted the photo, so they proceeded to delete it to prove to me they weren’t a troll. She then went on to send me a picture of an ape. Now if you will remember the insult of the previous account, then you will have put two and two together now like I did. The person still claimed they weren’t thee original troll, but by their messages I think otherwise…

So as you can see from the images above, it wasn’t too difficult too figure out. I blocked both the accounts once I realised they were just trolls. Also I love the word snowflake, that gets thrown about a lot. Don’t get how it’s offensove, snowflakes just remind me of the saying about how people are unique, like how no two snowflakes are the same. Makes me laugh that snowflake has become an insult.

I’m not doing this blog post for pity, because these people and theeir opinions mean nothing to me so I’m just ignoring them. I’m doing this to show the attitudes still out there that the autistic community are fighting against. Lots of people claim attitudes are better now, and autism is accepted. Yes, attitudes are much better than they once were but it doesn’t mean we should stop pushing for change, because there are still stereotypes out there. This troll demonstrates these stereotypes. They believed I was dumb, therefore I would be easy to take advantage of. The troll uses the autism hashtags to target autistic people. Unfortunately, there will be people out there who will believe these people and the damage they will do to peoples’ mental health is unspeakable. The fact that this troll is pursuing ‘vulnerable’ people in the autistic community is sickening. The whole point of my blog is to erase attitudes such as these. Maybe, I’m too hopeful but one day I hope that the autistic commuity, and all other communities, minorities and even just individuals themselves, can be accepted for who they are. I knew that doing this blog meant I would come across trolls, it’s become a normal expectation now, which is sad. But I’m still overwhelmed by the immense amount of positivity and encouragement I have recieved. Also all the messages I have recieved, and connections I have made with others. The positivity of these people definitely outweigh and outshine the dullness of these trolls.

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